Free trade zone
for printed goods
30 Aug 2015
Oberhafen, Hamburg

Join the #indiemagday and our „Free Trade Zone for Printed Goods" in Hamburg’s „Oberhafen“, Halle 4, Stockmeyerstr. 41, 20457 Hamburg. Let’s celebrate the diversity of independent magazines and their smart and fearless micro publishers.

During the last Sunday in August, we transform a former warehouse into Magazine Mania. Find collectibles, hidden treasures and special offers. Buy, sell or swap mags, zines, comics and other printed goods.

There will be a huge collection of national and international indiemags – brought to Hamburg by the makers themselves and some of the most amazing stores in Germany. Come and experience books, posters, postcards and many big or small gifts made of paper. Come and dance, talk, eat and drink.

Preliminary Timetable

Sunday, 30 Aug 2015
8:00 – 10:00 am: buildup and registration
10:00 am: open doors, many screaming people run inside
10:00 am – 18:00 pm: Magazine Mania
18:00 – 20:00 pm: collective clean up

*All #indiemagday figures are subject to error, they may change at any time. Please check again shortly before the event.

Apply for
free trade

You can save your spot here. All remaining spaces will be offered on a first come, first serve basis. Buildup is between 8:00 and 10:00 am, please register and pay during this period at the helpdesk on site.

Thank you for your inquiry! We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

What you get

The free trade zone will be located in a former freight yard. Any private seller gets a europallett-sized space. Presumably, it will be a europallett.

You will have to build your own display. Stack your mags, add some flashlights, a look-out, a pole for your speaking parrot – however you wish.

Maximum size: 800 mm × 1200 mm
Maximum height: 2000 mm

Make sure to build a safe construction! There might not be electricity directly at your space. Please bring cordless tools and lights, if you need some. No gas lamps, no open fire!


The basic fee for single persons and collectives is EUR 10 for each space. All income will be reinvested in making this an awesome day!

The money will be used to create a fine surrounding, to set up a bar and a help desk for all your questions, a charging station and other useful stuff. There will be a food market and a kiosk which will offer drinks and snacks to fair prices.

The whole event is low budget and non-profit, so be kind and help out each other to make #indiemagday work. There might not be electricity at every space and wireless access will be limited. Look after the things you brought – we can‘t take liability for anything.

Helpful stuff
to bring with

  • all your indiemags, zines, comics to sell and swap
  • printed goods and self-made treasures
  • all you need to build up your space
  • a blanket for the morning chill
  • a plate, a spoon, a knife, a cup
  • something to sit on (in case you can't levitate)
  • change money
  • cordless tools
  • flashlights
  • duct tape
  • price tags
  • business cards
  • speaking parrots and/or flying sharks

Objects you
are not
allowed to

  • „BILD-Zeitung“
  • nazis
  • weapons
  • gas-powered tools
  • open fire
  • merchandise for nuclear power plants
  • handbags with black holes inside
  • other dangerous goods

See you in the free trade zone! #indiemagday


If you already know you can’t make it to Hamburg – don’t fret! You can still participate online and become part of #indiemagday. Just visit your local magazine dealer and buy an Independent Magazine, or find one you already own. On 30 August, introduce the magazine online (take a picture, write a text or film a short video) and post it online using the hashtag #indiemagday.

Inspired by the recordstoreday and the indiebookday, we’d love to spread attention for independent magazines and the publishers behind the pages. So feel free to join us and spread the word.

Visit your local magazine dealer

Buy your favorite indiemag*

Introduce it online, use #indiemagday as hashtag

*For more information visit indiemags.de